Well, hello there!

I'm JP, the artist known as Desocialized Medicine and curator of the merchandise on this webstore. I operate this store with the help of my life and business partner (check out Bubble Mill Group - see links on our Contact Us page). 

The Artist

I feel I'm a bit of an oddball in the art community in that I don't like to pigeon hole myself into one type of media, but I specialize in graphite and pen drawings, acrylic painting, batik, digital art, and clothing design. Other forms of media I've explored include watercolor, stained glass, architectural physical and digital 3D modeling and rendering, colored pencil, logo design, as well as paint pen and sharpie on fabric. My style includes a lot of bright colors, is very heavily influenced by psychedelics, and my subject matter includes bitcoin, cats and animals, people, nature, anime, as well as counter CULTure and abstract themes. 

For my day job I am a project manager and licensed architect specializing in hospitality and resort projects, but my real passion has always been art. I have been drawing since I developed the motor skills to pick of a pencil as an infant. Art is what I live for, what I feel like I was born to do, and why I even became interested in architecture as a career. I've had my art shown at shows throughout high school and college and have even won some ribbons. I've made some small sales and done commissions for family and friends, as well. My ultimate dream is to be able to make art my day job through this little site and whatever other means I may be able to find possible.

The Woman

I am a bitcoin maximalist, anarchist, a lover of cats, and music. I've been considered "different" by others and myself my whole life. I led a vegan lifestyle for about five years, abandoned that, and am now venturing into the carnivore diet. I'm a terrible athlete but love a good adventure, especially outdoors. I love learning about new things and about the wonders of this crazy world we live in, and how to live naturally within it.

The Bitcoiner

My knowledge of bitcoin started in around 2011, but unfortunately I didn't start taking things seriously until around 2013, and really really seriously in 2017, and I am still a humble pleb now. I've stood on the sidelines of the community for quite a while, not sure what my place is or what I could offer to the space. I'm not a coder, I know more than the average person about finance but am no expert, I'm not good at trading or technical analysis, but I know how to design and make beautiful things. I really want to start branching out to meet more people in the community, and get involved in projects and help in ways that utilize my skill set. If you want to say hi or think there is a great way that we could collaborate on a project please reach out to me!

Commissions and Future Plans

I am open to doing commissions for pretty much anything as long as what you want interests me and fits within my style and skill set. Just reach out to me and I'm happy to see if we can work something out.

If you are curious about getting any of my existing clothing and art print designs in another clothing style (socks, underwear, swimwear, pants, dresses, etc.) or accessories and home goods (bags, mugs, shoes, phone cases, towels, stationery, etc.) also feel free to drop me a line and I can let you know what options there are. I can cut you a deal on the price for helping me out with the initial prototyping and quality control on new products. You can reach out to me on any of my socials and my email at desocializedmedicineartistry@gmail.com

I will be adding new designs periodically and would also like to start including custom pieces, which will be added to the site as they are created and will also provide a better idea of what types of things I am able to create for commissions. I also would like to branch out into even more types of art but plan on focusing on digital art, acrylic painting, batik, and tie dye for the near future.

If you're interested you can check out the extent of my art on Deviant art and I don't care if you think that site is cringy.